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Your Member Roster Profile can be edited to show your contact information.  To edit your Member Profile, click on the "Roster" Button above, click on "Edit".  In this area you can "toggle" what information you would like to show including email, phone number, and even your photo.  Don't forget to click "Save" to ensure your edits are captured.  EDIT YOUR PROFILE TODAY!  A great way to make yourself reachable, especially for those important matches!

Golf Tip

Lay up or go for it?

You are playing our 2nd hole.  You have left yourself too far to reach the green with the next shot. Should you hit a club that would leave you 80 yds from the pin or hit it right in front and leave a 30-yard shot.

If you are one our members who lays up to 80 yards to leave a shot that is more comfortable to you your competitors are going to beat you consistently. A 90 shooter is going to average 2.9 shots to hole out from 30 yards and 3.4 to hole out from 80 yards. This 1/2 shot difference will happen potentially several times a day on our course. Your lack of confidence on short approach shots is costing you a lot of shots. This scoring difference is found in players of all levels. This should erase the common misconception that pros want to leave a full shot to the pin.

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